Etravelinsure presents Travel Insurance Options

  • Seven Corners Travel Medical Insurances, for anyone worldwide.
  • Allclear Travel Insurance, for pre-existing conditions, for UK and Irish residents.
  • World Nomads Travel Insurance, adventure travel for citizens of over 140 countries.

Seven Corners Travel Medical Insurances, for anyone worldwide

For 20 years, Seven Corners has provided medical insurance to international travelers, expatriates, students, overseas visitors, immigrants and global citizens. With expertise and efficiency they have served clients in more than a hundred countries; providing medical coverage and 24-hour travel assistance, through their extensive network of over 12,000 doctors and hospitals worldwide.

Seven Corners has travel insurance products: Liaison "International" and Liaison "Majestic". Both provide medical coverage and emergency services for individuals and families travelling outside there Home Countries, and are similar. "International" is for trips up to 6 months (187 days). "Majestic" is for trips up to a year (364 days) renewable up to 3 years. Insurance is in US$, with Medical Maximum optional from $50,000 to $1,000,000.

Etravelinsure comments: Non-U.S. Citizens may not readily choose a travel insurance provider from USA, which is a pity, because Travel Insurance is essentially Medical Insurance, in which more expertise rests in USA than anywhere else. Perhaps, it is not sufficiently well-known that some products, like these, are available to citizens of any country worldwide.
Of particularly interest, these insurances have some features not normally found in UK-style travel insurance: for anyone worldwide, any age, for up to 6 or 12 months; insurance for children alone; insurance that can be taken out after departure (from Home Country); additional cover, at relatively little extra cost, for Hazardous Sports: motorcycling, parachuting, skydiving, hang gliding, snow skiing, snowboarding etc..

Allclear Travel Insurance, for pre-existing conditions

From AllClear Travel Insurance is for All: with any medical conditions; some terminal conditions depending on prognosis, people undergoing radiotherapy or chemotherapy, people on a Waiting List, people with Mental Health issues etc.; of any age; for trips to any destination.

Eligible are: Persons whose usual home county of residence is the United Kingdom or Republic of Ireland, and who have resided there for no less than 6 months.

Etravelinsure comments: AllClear Travel Insurance policy has special terms for insurance of persons with pre-existing medical conditions and the elderly, otherwise in most respects it is a standard UK-style travel insurance. With the chance of having cover for pre-existing medical conditions, the Single Trip insuarnce can be for a trip duration of up to 12 months, which is generous with no age limit.

World Nomads Travel Insurance designed for adventurous travellers

World Nomads is an International Travel Insurance provider of low-cost insurance for adventurous travellers; citizens from over 140 countries worldwide, covering overseas medical, evacuation, baggage and 24 hour emergency support, through a range of different insurance policies and insurers - depending on country. Many holiday activities are covered at no extra cost. Some activities have specific restrictions and vary by country. Check your country's policy wording for exact details.

Etravelinsure comments: World Nomads provides travel insurance for citizens of over 140 countries, with different insurance policies applying depending on country. We cannot do our policy review of all these policies, however, the policies for citizens of United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland are very similar. There is another policy, not specific to a particular county, which applies to many other contries, for which we have selected China as an example.